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Lace Front Eyebrows: Stop Laughing At Them

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Lace front eyebrows have their place. Did we forget that most lace wigs and lace front wigs stem from cancer patients and their inability to grow hair? Lace wigs were first used for individuals who went through chemotherapy. Lace front wigs were, and still are, a viable form of hair replacement. Not only did people lose the hair on their …

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EvaWigs Review: A Professional Opinion

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EvaWigs is one of the more popular lace wig shops, with a dedicated fan base. As a lace wig maker, I have a personal vendetta against most lace wig vendors that specialize with men’s toupee and hair systems – they are simply too thin for my liking. Now I understand that most men do not have thick luxurious hair like …

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Hugo Royer Alternative: Lace Wig Supplier Is No More

In Creating Your Own Wig by Wig MasterLeave a Comment was a popular website that has catered to professional lace wig makers for decades. The keyword here is was. The site no longer exists, due to the fact that the sole proprietor is suffering from a decline in health. DIYLaceWigs sends positive thoughts to Steve Curry, and the individuals who represent If you are curious about possible alternatives …