Real Looking Wigs For Women: Best Vendors

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Unlike men’s wig vendors, there are so many different manufacturers that cater to women. Here are some of my favorite vendors, with many that I’ve ordered from personally.

California Lace Wigs Review

California Lace Wigs was one of the first lace wig companies that I bought from. Highly recommended by BlackHairMediaForum, California Lace Wigs quickly became one of my favorite vendors. It was also one of the first vendors that I bought a thin skin system from – which was not one of my favorite units. It quickly converted me to a permanent lace wig wearer.

California Lace Wigs Review: Pros

  • Lace Wig Lay Away Plan – For a custom unit, you can pay for half of the unit now and pay for the rest of the unit once your lace wig is complete. This is the perfect wig financing solution for those who may be strapped for cash.
  • A Wig That Truly Fits Your Preferences: I like the fact that California Lace Wigs cater to women of all different complexions. California Lace Wigs go beyond light and dark lace – they also sell transparent lace for lighter skin folk, as well as medium brown lace colors.

California Lace Wigs Review: Cons

  • Thin Skin Units Are Thick: Keep in mind, that I bought my thin skin unit in 2009. During that time, thin skin has improved across most vendors – and I am not sure if California Lace Wig’s thin skin units have gotten any better.

Ruth’s Beauty Supply Review

(8/19/2018 update: it seems like they have now upgraded their URL, it’s now called Grace Lace Wigs). Ruth’s Beauty Supply is another favorite. Their wigs are made with quality in mind. However, there are a few cons that you need to keep in mind.

Women’s Lace Wigs

Ruth’s Beauty Supply Review: Pros

  • Best Hair: I am not one to be easily impressed with hair quality since I know that most of the luster is due to the heavy silicones that vendors use on their wigs. But over the long term, the hair on Ruth’s Beauty Supply units stayed soft. The hair used on these units are of quality, with units still having great luster even after months of consistent wear.
  • Ready Made Units: They have a comprehensive list of hair types and curl patterns, with many wigs ready to ship in one or two business days. Nothing beats a custom lace wig unit, but it’s nice to know that you have a vendor in the case of a pinch.

Ruth’s Beauty Supply Review: Cons

    • Ruth’s Beauty Supply’s Thick Stretch Panel

  • Lace Is A Bit Thick: My lace has an extremely low denier count, making it one of the finer laces – so it’s safe to say that I am a bit spoiled when it comes to lace. ¬†Units from Ruth’s Beauty Supply are beautiful, but the lace can be a bit hard to blend.
  • Bulky Stretch Lace: Most of their units have a stretch lace. It’s hardly stretchable, but they are indeed undetectable. I like to switch out the front part of my units with a more delicate lace, remove the hair from the removed piece, and ventilate it back on. The stitch connecting the lace to the stretch panel can get in the way, which can be frustrating from a ventilators point of view.

Sassy Secret Review

Sassy Secrets is one of the first major vendors that started to sell lace wigs online, with the company adapting to customer demands over time. This has allowed the company to stay resilient in the tumultuous business of lace wigs.

Sassy Secrets Review: Pros

  • Kamo Knot Lace Wigs: Bleaching knots on your lace wig units is effective; however, it weakens the knots, increasing shedding. This is a definite problem with people who wear darker hair colors, which may require you to keep the bleach on the knots for an extended period of time for it to affect the dark hair color. Kamo knots require that the part of the hair that is going to be ventilated is to be blonde before it is tied onto the lace. This creates blonde knots that are virtually invisible.

Sassy Secret Review: Cons

  • Not many customizable options. A more comprehensive and intuitive design will be much appreciated when it comes to ordering a custom unit.

Leave Me Your Opinion. Tell me who’s your favorite vendor, and why? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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