Can Bleach Remove Silicone Hair?

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When you first receive a lace wig, you will notice that the hair is particularly shiny, vibrant, and bouncy. However, your hair is most likely coated with a film of industrial silicone.

The silicone gives it a temporary effect of luscious bounce. Some people do not enjoy the almost oily effect that the silicone may have on their units, especially for those who are buying yaki hair and find that it looks like silky hair.

Instead of waiting for weeks for the silicone effect to wear off, you can easily remove it with the help of a bleach bath.

What is the bleach bath? Bleach baths are one of the best things that you can do when your wigs start to tangle and has become unresponsive to deep conditioners. One of the best things about bleach baths is that you can do them with lace wigs, lace fronts, toupees, partial systems, hair wefts, and even glueless caps. Bleach baths can be done once or twice a month as a preventative measure against tangling, or it can be used as a hair emergency. Yaki hair textures tend to be dryer and prone to tangles, so you may need to complete a bleach bath more regularly.

Can Bleach Remove Silicone in the Hair?

Yes, it can. The silicone used when processing wigs tend to cling on the hair. Normal shampoos cannot remove it, requiring several shampoos to even remove some of the silicone. A bleach bath not only remove the silicone coating on the hair, but it will also remove the excess dye on the hair strands. Depending on your vendor, you may notice that when you wash your new unit, the water tends to have the color of the hair. This is the excess pigment from the hair strands. You can jumpstart the removal of this dye as well as the silicone coating on the hair by completing a bleach bath as soon as you receive your system.

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