Maintenance of Dyed Blonde Front

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As I mentioned in my review, I bought an ultra thin skin unit with a blonde front so I could dye it myself. My knots will be blonde, the integrity of the hair unit will stay intact, and there will be minimal shedding since there aren’t bleached knots. However, some people have been asking me about the maintenance of a colored unit. This is how I ensure that I do not have to continuously dye the blonde front, as well as what I do to make sure that the hair stays soft and moisturized.

Permanent Hair Color

I am well-versed when it comes to lace wig units. However, I’m not very educated when it comes to color theory and hair. Nevertheless, I know that permanent hair color isn’t exactly permanent. Of course, it will stay on the hair for longer than other types of formulations. But I find myself recoloring the hair every couple of months, regardless of which shampoo I use or how I shampoo it. To ensure the best longevity, make sure to use permanent hair color on the blonde front.

Sulfate Free Shampoos For Wigs

The benefits of sulfate free shampoo for wigs. Sulfate free shampoos are just that – they are formulated without sulfates. Sulfates have their place; it’s a surfactant that cleanses and deodorizes. While it will clean the hair, it will also remove any kind of pigment in the hair strands. This will cause you to dye your hair more frequently. Switch out your traditional bottle shampoo with one that is free of sulfates.

Blue Shampoo And Lace Wigs

Alternate with a blue shampoo. Brassiness is a problem when it comes to dyed blonde hair. It may actually have a uniform color, but there may be an underlying tone to it that can be obvious, especially if you’re only using a partial unit or a toupee system that only covers your crown and not the sides and back of your head. This is where blue shampoo comes into play. As the color fades, sometimes brassy tones tend to pop out, making the unit look unnatural or sometimes even have an orange tint. Blue shampoo will tone that down. The majority of the time I’m using a sulfate free shampoo. However, I like to use blue shampoos immediately after the coloring the blonde front to tone down the brassiness.

Sun And Color-Treated Hair


The sun is not your friend. The sun will also dry out hair, exposing your hair’s cuticle and allowing the hair color to bleed out much faster. If you’re going to spend time in the sun, to make sure to cover up with a hat. Slather on the hair conditioner if you’re going to swim at the beach or at the pool. You want your hair’s cuticles to be too busy with the conditioner for it to absorb the drying chorine in the pool or salt in the seawater. Once you’re done with the water activities, rinse out the conditioner with cool water.

Take note that the steps are made to extend the hair color – it will eventually fade, and you will need to recolor the blonde units. However, following the steps has extended the time between treatments. I used to use a color hair dye on the blonde front every couple of weeks. But now that I have taken these precautions, I am coloring the hair only about once every 2 to 3 months.

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