EvaWigs Review: A Professional Opinion

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EvaWigs is one of the more popular lace wig shops, with a dedicated fan base. As a lace wig maker, I have a personal vendetta against most lace wig vendors that specialize with men’s toupee and hair systems – they are simply too thin for my liking. Now I understand that most men do not have thick luxurious hair like many women, but there’s something that irks me about purchasing a full lace wig from a vendor that specializes in men’s hair systems, and receiving something that requires me to ventilate another dozen grams of hair. Lace wig vendors that specialize in replacement systems for women, like EvaWigs, create wigs that are thick yet natural. Maybe when I am older, the thin systems from men’s hair replacement systems will be more suitable for me. But as a person that is in their 20s, woman’s hair replacements are the choice for me. But even that isn’t the perfect option – my only gripe with women’s lace wigs is that the lace is sometimes very thick, making it much more obvious when compared to a men’s hair system.

My EvaWigs order details

I chose to purchase a custom EvaWig because it had a lot of positive reviews on YouTube, as well as for the quick shipping times for a custom order. 18 business days for a custom order is absolutely amazing, and accurate as well. My custom wig was at my door within 17 business days. Take note that business days exclude the weekends.

The EvaWig order was made exactly to spec. The color was a beautiful medium brown color that wasn’t too dark or too light. I could literally see the combination of the #3 and the #7 hair colors. The #3 is a natural medium brown color while the #7 is a light blonde color. Together, the wig was a beautiful hue.

For the first time ever, I purchased a lace wig that was made with a medium brown lace. Typically I purchase light brown, but I’ve noticed that I’ve struggled with the lace in the hairline being slightly too pale for my skin, creating a line of demarcation between the edge of the lace and my forehead.

EvaWigs Review: The Hair Curl, Color, and Density

I’ve ordered a body wave EvaWig, and I got exactly that. The density is very thick but natural for me as a male wig maker and wig wearer. Another new thing for me is buying a lace wig that has a widow’s peak. I’ve been missing out. The widow’s peak has a natural dip to the hairline, making it look even more natural. I think I’ve struck gold with this one.

EvaWigs order package to straight to my head.

EvaWigs Review: The Lace

The lace of this EvaWig is ever so slightly thicker than my Hollywood lace, but it is still seamless and undetectable, even with a fully exposed hairline.

EvaWigs Review: Asked For Bleached Knots, And It Was Not

If you see my order, you will note that I’ve asked for bleach knots around the perimeter. However, this isn’t a big deal for me since I bleach my own knots anyways. They might’ve attempted to bleach the knots on this dark color or they might’ve forgotten altogether. It would’ve been convenient for the knots to be bleach from the get-go, but it isn’t a big deal. The knots are also nicely tied and very fine. But single knots and single strands are not used on the hairline.

Close up of my Evawigs Hairline

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