Real Looking Wigs For Men: Recommended Best Vendors

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The quest for the best looking wig for men is never-ending. You want it to blend seamlessly into your scalp, have perfectly bleached knots that will look like it’s growing from your scalp, and density that will make it look believable.

There is some sort of stereotype or stigma pertaining to men who wear hair systems. It’s an unfair situation, but for those who do not care and are simply interested in bettering their self-confidence, my list of the best male wig manufacturers will help you find the ideal hairpiece.

Cool Piece Review

Cool Piece’s Lace is very fine. I had no problem exposing my hairline with this system. I felt confident doing so.

A Coolpiece customer

  • Blended colors: No one’s head of hair is one solid color. I personally like the hair color #4. It is a mainly brown color, with small amounts of medium blonde strands that are only visible in direct sunlight. When you select a color from CoolPiece, the color will have natural shades, lowlights, and highlights – creating a real looking wig for men.

CoolPiece Review: Con

  • As mentioned, the customer service is lacking. This does not reflect on your final system. However, if you are new to men’s hair replacement systems or toupees, then your emailed inquiry might be met with a response that is lacking with information. Remember – this stems from anecdotal, personal experiences.

HatsOffHair Review

HatsOffHair is one of the few places that sells European hair. Not only are HatsOffHair systems made with quality in mind, but customer service is top notch.

HatsOffHair Review: Pros

  • Lace Wig With European Hair: I am a skeptic when it comes to the lore of European hair. I personally cannot verify if HatsOffHair systems are made with authentic European hair, but systems made with this type of hair definitely have a certain type of softness to them. I had HatsoffHair system made with European hair, and it stayed soft, even after the silicones have been washed away. Keep in mind that I asked for a relatively weak curl pattern and a #4 hair color. This means that the hair was not highly processed.

HatsOffHair Review: Cons

  • Do Not Order A HatsOffHair FC101: This type of system is made with french lace, with 1 inch of extra fine lace around the hairline. When I want a realistic men’s wig, I tend to cut out the front, sew extremely fine lace that I have in stock, and ventilate hair onto it. However, the difference between me and HatsOffHair is that I install about 3-4 inches of the really fine lace onto the thicker lace. HatsOffHair only gives you 1 inch. If you are ordering a low-density custom unit, then you can actually see the thread used to connect the two different lace. It has to be placed farther back so that the hair can hide the line of demarcation. This may not be a problem if you order a thick system, but when it starts to shed, that line will be more visible.

HollyWoodLace Review

Affordable, but is it worth it?

HollyWood Lace Review: Pros

  • HollyWoodLace is one of the very few hair vendors that can create a custom unit using silk bases. This is where the hair is injected into a material that is akin to silk. When placed against the scalp, there is no evidence of knots or grids from lace. Silk bases are very popular in women’s lace wigs – so it’s interesting that this feature has crossed over to men’s hair replacement systems.
    African American Lace Wigs For Men: HollywoodLace underlines the importance of servicing their African American male clients by offering systems made with hair that is akin to African American hair textures. They are made with natural colors like #1 and #1b.

HollywoodLace Review: Cons

  • When ordering a custom, full cap lace system, the drop-down menu stops being intuitive. When you click on “Select Hair Base Sizes”, you have the option of selecting a “Full Cap”. But in later parts of the drop-down menu, you have the option of ticking “Full Cap”. Which one does a person use when they want to order a full cap system?

NorthWestlace Review

If you have bought a hair system or toupee from NorthWestlace, then you know that you will be purchasing a real looking wig for men endorsed with the full support of Eric, the founder of NorthWestLace. You can always find him contributing and responding to forum posts in his dedicated NorthWestLace forum.

NorthWestLace Review: Pros

  • The lace literally melts. I think it is made with the finer 15 denier lace, which is a type of lace that many vendors tend to avoid due to how delicate and fine the lace is.

NorthWestLace Review: Cons

  • Eric should invest more in advertising. I only found NorthWestLace via word of mouth. Which, in itself, is still a powerful form of advertising.

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