Hugo Royer Alternative: Lace Wig Supplier Is No More

In Creating Your Own Wig by Wig MasterLeave a Comment was a popular website that has catered to professional lace wig makers for decades. The keyword here is was. The site no longer exists, due to the fact that the sole proprietor is suffering from a decline in health. DIYLaceWigs sends positive thoughts to Steve Curry, and the individuals who represent

If you are curious about possible alternatives to Hugo and his products, then here are some that may interest you:

Hugo Royer Lace Alternatives

For those lace wig makers who were dependent on Hugo Royer for his wig making lace, then there are a few viable alternatives. There is a myriad of websites that sell wig lace, including Amazon or eBay. Many of these lace satisfies amateur lace wig makers or those who have not experienced the wonderful undetectability of 20 Denier lace. For professional wig makers, quality, film-quality lace is required.

Banbury Postiche is another place where you can purchase wig making materials and supplies, including lace. Hugo Royer used to sell 20 Denier lace, which is one of the most delicate lace in the market, truly becoming invisible when you apply it against the skin, regardless of your skin tone. Albeit a bit a bit more expensive, especially if you are a lace wig maker who has a business in the United States, this UK shop has been heralded by our favorite wig maker on Youtube, Super Wig Maker.

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