Lace Wigs Sideburns: Ventilating Sideburns

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I actually made lace wig sideburns to help a friend. My dear friend noticed that his full cap was just too small, with the ear tabs being too short. When the wig was glued down, it looked unnatural since he had a shortened sideburn section. Not only that, but the way that he bleached the knots made the knots even more noticeable, since they were bleached until they were a stark white color. I knew that ventilating sideburns will not only cover these unsightly knots, but will elongate the sideburn section and make the whole unit look more natural.

Benefits of Lace Wigs Sideburns

Detached sideburns look more natural. As a DIY wig ventilator, I know that the sideburn section of a wig can make or break a system. For men’s full cap units, I can tell a well-constructed wig from one that is mass-produced just by examining the sideburns. The unit should be well ventilated, and the sideburns section should have a lower density and even have a wispy effect to it. On a natural head, the sideburn section is piecey, and will show a lot of skin.

Lace wig sideburns can make a small wig look bigger. This was one of the main reasons why I ventilated sideburns for my friend’s unit – originally this wig was too small for their head.

I use film lace – your favorite manufacturer does not. Film lace is very fragile, and most producers and lace wig suppliers would rather ventilate on more dense and durable lace. I actually take the time to ventilate on denier 30 lace.

Before and After: Lace Wig Sideburns

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