Pinking Shears and Lace Wigs: Overrated

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Pinking shears give your lace wig a serrated edge. The proposed benefits of pinking shears is that it “breaks” up the harsh line on the forehead where the lace meets the skin, as well as help prevent the lace from fraying. The pinking shears will apparently make the lace less obvious. It’s an apparent godsend, recommended by many online forums. However, I think they are overrated, and when used incorrectly, can actually make your lace look more obvious.I’ve had more issues with pinking shears that outweigh its proposed benefits.

When dealing with film quality lace, I’ve found that it causes the serrated edges to buckle on itself over time. Film quality lace is extraordinarily fine. The standalone serrated edges are very flimsy, easily buckling onto itself. This creates a hairline that is very visible, even if you use quality lace.

The Problem With Pinking Shears and Lace Wigs
1. Lace Wig Adhesive Will Show. If you are a wearer that likes to show off their hairline, then pinking shears may be problematic. You are supposed to apply glue to the contours of the lace wig’s hairline. You cannot do that if your edges are serrated. Once you apply the lace wig on your natural hairline, the excess glue will adhere to loose hairs, creating a messy, unnatural look. Your adhesive needs to be discreet, and lace edge that has been cut with pinking shears won’t allow that to happen.
2. Lace Will Buckle Onto Itself. Quality wig making lace has a denier between 15-30. This is the type of lace that truly melts into the skin. However, the lace needs structure for it not to buckle onto itself.
When Is It Okay To Use Pinking Shears On Lace Wigs?
Use it on women’s lace wig. Most wig vendors use thick lace, so when you use pinking shears, the lace won’t buckle or move. It is stiff enough so that the serrated edges support themselves.

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