How To Prevent Orange Knots On Lace Wig

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Bleaching the knots on your lace wig will camouflage the unsightly knots to a lighter color so that it could blend seamlessly onto your skin. I find that even when I exclusively ask hair vendors for bleached knots on my lace wig system, they tend to forgo it.

Here’s how you can have perfectly bleached knots at  home.

Orange Knots On Wig Cap

And even when I carefully follow the many different tutorials online to bleach the knots on the unit, I come out with orange knots. Orange knots may fit certain skin colors with certain undertones, but it is very unsightly on most. Here’s how you can bleach your knots without having orange, obvious knots.

First, test a piece of hair. Most people cut their lace wig in some way before wearing them. Make sure that you save a couple of these hair clippings to do a bleach test. After mixing in your powder bleach and cream developer, apply some of it on to the piece of hair. For dark hair (1B to a color 3) allow it to sit for about 45 minutes, heating up the piece of hair with a blow dryer. Rinse the hair, let it air-dry, and observe it. The hair should be somewhat bleached – if it is slightly too dark for your scalp color, then increase processing time by 15 minutes. For example, once you apply the bleach on the underside of the lace wig or men’s toupee, instead of allowing it to sit on the hair for 45 minutes, you will now apply it for an hour. If you find that the hair is a stark white, then it is over bleached. Over bleached hair knots will cause premature shedding over time. Reduce processing time for about 15 minutes.

Use a RIT dye remover. Many novice lace wig wearers don’t realize that much of the “color” on their lace wigs are a type of fabric dye. This makes it particularly difficult to lighten up to knots. Use a RIT dye remover on the knots to release some of the pigment. When you use a RIT dye remover, you will find that the water is slightly discolored. This is the dye that was on the knots.

After completing the RIT dye and allowing your system to air dry, you can go ahead and start the actual bleaching process. You will find that your once stubborn knots will now bleach seamlessly.

Red Gold Corrector Plus. The Red Gold Corrector Plus is a liquid formula that you add on to your bleach formulation to help eliminate brassy hair color. For the purpose of bleaching knots, you only need to add 3 to 5 droplets of the Red Gold Corrector Plus to have natural, seamless knots.

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