How To Remove Lace Tape Residue Without Destroying Your Lace

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Dirty Hairline Can Be Fixed

First time wig wearers and those who have been wearing them for a long time will be faced with an annoyingly common dilemma: tape and glue residue on the lace system and hairline. It tends to be a reoccurring problem, with it quickly being an issue if not removed properly since the residue will accumulate.

There are even instances of people completely destroying their system when trying to remove residue from the lace. Here’s how to remove any tape residue from your lace wig without compromising the delicate lace.

Release Tape From Lace With Acetone

If you used wig tape to secure the wig on your head, then you can easily remove your system by grabbing one edge of the tape from one temple and slowly peeling off the the wig tape (with the wig attached to it) from your head. When done correctly, you will find that the wig tape will be stuck on the underside of the lace system.

Dab the end of a Q-tip into acetone and run it along the edges of the tape. As you pull the tape from the lace system, keep rubbing the exposed tape with the soaked Q-tip. You will find that the tape will remove with very little resistance. It will not only preserve the integrity of your lace system, but it will also prevent the tape from pulling hair from the underside of your system.

Mirror Slide To Remove Bits of Tape and Glue Residue

Let the system dry. If you notice that there are remnants of tape or glue residue, then it is time to complete the famous mirror slide. The mirror slide is simply sliding the glue residue along a mirror. The mirror will grab onto the tape or glue, leaving your lace clean. Don’t worry, cleaning the residue off the mirror is easy and straightforward.

Press the offending area against a mirror and use pressure to slide it across the mirror. It is best that you have a long mirror to complete long slides to remove any glue remnants in one stroke.

Auto Glym Tar Remover Soak

For stubborn residue, a soak in tar remover will obliterate any remnants of anything on the lace system. Don’t worry about it warping your lace system, after washing it off the system, it will be left unscathed.

Pour Auto Glym Tar Remover into a small plastic or glass basin, enough to cover your lace. Place the system in the tar remover for about 10 minutes. You will find that any small remnants of glue would have simply dissolved. If you still find remnants of the system, then repeat another soak for 15 minutes. Once it’s gone, use a concentrated dishwashing soap to remove the tar remover from the system. Dawn Dishwashing soap is highly recommended for its ability to break down greases and oils. Wash then condition as usual.

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