Ultra Thin Skin From NorthWest Lace Review

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My ultra thin skin full cap from Northwest Lace has finally arrived. Northwest Lace is the preferred vendor for my lace wigs units when I do not feel like ventilating my own. They seem to have superior quality control than other vendors and are willing to communicate to ensure that they get what they want. The mastermind behind Northwest Lace, Eric, is always ready and willing to respond to any emails sent to him.

So here is my Northwest Lace UTS review.

UTS Northwest Lace Order and Specifications

This is dimensions for a full cap.

1. Circumference: 25 inches
2. Front To Back: 15 inches
3. Ear To Ear Over Forehead: 14 inches
4. Temple To Temple: 16 inches
5. Ear To Ear Over Top Of Head: 14
6. Temple to Temple:18 inches
7. Width of Neck: 6 inches
(Yes, I have quite the big head).
Hair Color: Blonde, #22. 
Front: .05mm v-looped front, 
Rest of the full cap: .08mm standard injection
Hair Length: 8 inches

No gray
Graduated hairline
Hair Density: 90%

Curl: Straight hair, with a bend? Whatever is a half step above straight hair – that’s what I want. Not exactly body wave, but something with a slight bend. If that makes sense? Like a very loose body wave. 

Ventilation: Freestyle

This is all verbatim, exactly what I wrote to Eric in my email. It took about ten weeks to arrive. A bit later than usual, but a Chinese New Years was going on, which always tends to cause delays due to factory workers going on break.

Review: Ultra thin Skin Unit from Northwest Lace

Ultra thin skin hairline. As you know, the hairline of any unit is what’s going to make or break the unit. I’m happy to report that I am very satisfied with my hairline. Take note that this is my first ultra thin skin unit from any vendor, so I was a bit hesitant. I did my research, and it has been pointed out that some of the looped knots on ultra thin skin foundations can be obvious if you order it with darker hair. To prevent any unnatural knots, I ordered a blonde front. This will allow me to dye the hairline the color that I want, with knots that will be invisible..because they’re blonde. The thought behind this is that the blonde will naturally blend into your scalp – which will naturally be lighter than the rest of your head – and camouflage any awkward knotting. No more bleaching knots. No more orange, unnatural looking knots.

Interestingly enough, there was about an inch of excess ultra thin skin in the front hairline. But the sideburns areas were cut right up to the hairline.

UTS, Thin Skin, and Knots

I opted for a UTS front and a thin skin unit for ultimate durability and detectability. The first 2 inches of the unit is made out of UTS, ventilated with blonde hair. It’s seamless – there are no knots that can be seen.

Blonde Front


Ultra Thin Skin Hairline With Blonde Front

The sides and the back of the unit are made out of thin skin, and I ordered a darker blonde color. Since the hair is injected into the skin base, there is literally no knots. So why not order a unit made entirely with thin skin? The only downside to the thin skin is that it is a thicker base than ultra thin skin. Even though the hair looks like it’s sprouting from the foundation, the thickness is not appropriate for the hairline, that’s why it’s been delegated to the sides and back of the cap.

Underside of Unit

Will I order ultra thin skin in the future? Absolutely. I may even forgo Swiss lace units since most vendors aren’t actually using Swiss lace, but French lace that they parade as Swiss. I have Swiss lace in stock, and when it’s ventilated with single knots, it is vastly superior to most foundations, including even ultra thin skin. But due to availability and convenience, my go-to vendor will be Northwest Lace and my preferred units will be made from a ultra thin skin hairline and a thin skin full cap base.

Next time, I won’t order a blonde front that is so starkly pale. A darker blonde would suffice.

What Am I Going to Do With My UTS Unit from Northwest Lace? Next, I am going to dye the whole unit a dark brown color with a permanent hair color probably from Garnier Fructis or L’Oreal. I’ve already cut the hair into the style that I want with the help of the Crea Clip.

Any questions or concerns,? Please leave a comment, and I will get to it as soon as possible.

Final results. Cut, dyed, and styled. Naturally looking hairline.

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