Which Ammonia Can I Use for the Bleach Bath?

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The bleach bath is one of the best things that you can do to remedy unruly hair systems. Bleach baths help remove tangles, deodorize dirty hair systems, and also help lift the heavy and sometimes greasy silicones that come with a recently purchased system. It is the first thing I do whenever any of my hair systems becomes dry,  regardless if I bought my unit from NorthWestLace, some random Chinese vendor, or even my own DIY lace wig systems.

Silicones in your wig. Most hair systems will come with some sort of silicone. This will impart softness and mitigate tangling. After a few washes, the honeymoon is over, and your system now has a mind of its own. The heavy silicones on your hair system give your hair softness Р until it finally wears out. The regular usage of bleach baths will make your hair as soft and smooth as when you first got it, regardless if it is made with silky straight hair or Yaki textures.

Deep cleans the hair cuticles. The hair will naturally be deodorized since you will be using bleach and ammonia, which can be helpful for heavy sweaters and oily skin types.

Can You Bleach Bath Hair Without Ammonia?

The ammonia step of the bleach bath is to neutralize the bleach. If the bleach is improperly neutralized, then it will continuously eat away at the hair and the system even after you wash it off.

Which Ammonia Can I Use for the Bleach Bath?

The good news is that it doesn’t matter. I’ve used expensive ammonia from department stores, and I’ve also used the cheap stuff from the Dollar Store. All of them have worked wonderfully in neutralizing the bleach and making the hair soft.

Use Unscented Ammonia For Bleach Baths

The only thing that I will be weary about is to ensure that the ammonia is from a fresh batch. Older bottles of ammonia will have diluted solutions of the active ingredient, compromising the required high pH level of 11.6 for the ammonia solution to be effective in softening the hair. Also, unscented ammonia will make sure that your bottle has the active ingredients that are needed in the bleach bath, without the additives that can compromise the performance of the bleach bath.

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